COVID AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, Panighatta Tea Estate, Girmit Line, Darjeeling, West Bengal, INDIA

In Collaboration with AICUF Reunited, Adivasi Vikas Aur Dhumkuriya Kendra, Sishujhumra. & Tata Steel Foundation

The people in the tea gardens and villages particularly in Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar districts in West Bengal, are exposed to multiple forms of vulnerabilities. They earn very less with daily wages of Rs. 202.00 (INR) [2.79 USD/1.96 GBP]. In case of falling sick, they would not be in a condition to get proper treatment and medicines. The local hospitals and medical centers are not properly equipped to deal with the pandemic. There were lots of doubts and fears about COVID-19 and Vaccine.

Plan of Action Taken

Step 1 : TRAINING 13 volunteers from Panighata were trained on the Do’s and Don'ts of Covid by TATA Steel Foundation. Further training was also given on how to register people on the government approved applications for the vaccination.
Step 2: AWARENESS The volunteers tried to the maximum number of people during this awareness campaign. They visited people door to door,distributing leaflets, creating awareness on covid-19 appropriate behaviors. Local volunteers are equipped with the local language and have a good understanding of the demographics and the needs of the people in their area. They were able to communicate with the people about the importance of vaccines, and focused on eliminating myths that are associated with taking any vaccines in the rural area. The volunteers also helped the people to submit their online registration for the vaccines if required.
Step 3 : HEALTH CAMP We organised health checks at the local health center where the local volunteers collaborated with the doctor and the health workers. We hoped that people will feel able to get help in assessing their health status before making an informed decision to take the vaccine.
Step 4 : MEDICAL EQUIPMENT We distributed Sanitizer, Soap, Masks to every household while spreading awareness.Thermometer and oximeter were used for those who would need regular monitoring.
Step 5: VACCINATION Once the people of Panighata were ready our volunteers made sure that everyone eligible got vaccinated at the Panighatta Local health center. The West Bengal Health and Family Welfare department had given their full support in this campaign

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