Welcome to COMPASSIO

Enriching (People's) Lives for a Better Tomorrow

COMPASSIO is currently an association founded by Rev. Fr. Gladson Dabre OSA born in India. He has extensive experience in Social Work especially working with children and families in London. After a period of discernment he was called to become an Augustinian Friar and Priest. He was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood in 2018. Fr. Gladson has joined hands with his close friends Natasha,Lawrence,Olivia and Ashok from England and together they have established Compassio. All the members of the team come from humble beginnings, born and raised in India. They have considerable experience working in social work in different capacities and are dedicated to giving back to society.

Compassio has come into existence in June 2021 with a common vision to ‘Enriching People's Lives for a Better Tomorrow’

The greatest commandment of Jesus Christ is to love one another as he has loved us. Although Christ is raised above the heavens, he still experiences our human sufferings. He therefore asks his disciples to go and feed the hungry, provide drink for the thirsty, clothe the naked, look after the sick and abandoned, visit and stand up for the rights of those in prison, lost and suppressed. He wants us to be a good Samaritan and invite a stranger and outcast into the communion of love and Christ’s compassion.

We realise that it is difficult for us to alleviate the suffering of our world fully. However, our dream is to alleviate poverty and suffering in whatever way we can. We believe that every help that we give will unburden our fellow men and women.

We aim to alleviate poverty through project based initiatives focused on children, elderly and their families through education, promoting good health and social justice. We hope our endeavours will make a difference and enrich their lives for a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

Enriching People’s lives for a Better Tomorrow

Our Mission

To work for children and elderly and their families through education, promoting good health and social justice.

Our Objectives

  • Further Education of people
  • Alleviate the suffering of the poor and needy.
  • Advancement of Health of sick and elderly.
  • Advancement of human rights, promoting fairness, equality and diversity.
  • Advancing and strengthening Christian values



Compassio is all about giving back to our community and transforming lives


We are committed to raise funds ethically and maintain cost effective practices to ensure maximum fund utilisation


Transparency is a core value at Compassio to ensure we are on track to achieve milestones without compromising on our values.


At Compassio, we believe in ensuring that the neediest of the needy receive support hence our project implementations on ground are effective.


Our Board of Trustees , field coordinators, grassroot volunteers all of whom are driven by a passion to influence people’s lives thereby transforming communities.